Established on February 26, 2000, Korea Real Estate Policy Association(KREPA) is aimed at contributing the development of Korea's real estate industry as a new research institute for the government, industry and academia.
With its effective and coherent power for the application of its theories to the reality, the association strives to encourage on-the-spot business people to participate so that the academic theories can be efficiently reflected in the real estate policies, instead of sticking to the old image of a theoretical and academic association of other R&D institutions.
(1) Systemic research and presentation on theories and cases of real estate policies
(2) Holding R&D presentations, lectures and academic discussions
(3) International academic exchanges and educational courses
Measures to develop professional human resources in the real estate service sector
(the Ministry of Construction & Transportation, Aug. 2001)
Measures to develop the real estate brokerage system
(National Association of Real Estate Brokers, Sep. 2001)
A study on problems of real estate transactions and recommendations
(National Association of Real Estate Brokers, Mar. 2002)
Measures to improve licensed real estate agent system
(the Ministry of Construction & Transportation, Apr. 2002)
A study on legislation of the Real Estate Transaction Act
(National Association of Real Estate Brokers, Jun. 2002)
A study on real estate trade network and measures to introduce e-trade system
following the changes in the real estate industrial environment
(the Construction and Transportation Committee of the National Assembly, Sep. 2002)
Trends in the Asian real estate development market and measures to expand participation
(the Ministry of Construction & Transportation, Dec. 2002)
The social and economic effects on Sihwa MTV project
(Korea Water Resources Corporation, Aug. 2003)
The analysis on project results for Ansan new city and Sihwa(Ⅰ) regional project
(Korea Water Resources Corporation, Mar. 2004)
A Study on Korean Land Corporation's plan against Deregulation of Land Control
(Korea Land Corporation, Feb. 2005)